The Human Rights Act 1998 protects the right to hold religious beliefs and the Equality Act 2010 extends this protection to other philosophical beliefs similar to a religion.


In this context religion applies to any religion or reference to religion, including a lack of religion. Belief relates to any religious or philosophical belief or reference to belief, including a lack of belief. This means it is unlawful to discriminate against an individual because of their religion or belief or because they have no religion or belief.

Freedom of speech and promoting good campus relations

We aim to protect staff and students of all backgrounds from intimidation, harassment and violent behaviour and have developed a Promoting Good Campus Relations and Guidance for All Speakers policies to ensure all freedom of speech remains lawful.

Student societies

There are several religious student societies at St George's, including:

  • Christian Union Society
  • Hindu Society
  • Islamic Society
  • Jewish Society
  • Sikh Society

Reasonable accommodation

We've developed a Religious Observance and Academic Timetabling policy and a Religious Observance and Exams policy. These allow students the opportunity to apply for a reasonable accommodation to be made for reasons of religion or belief.


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