Programme specifications are the learning intentions and outcomes of each taught course and they are used for the quality assurance of our programmes.

They provide the learning intentions and outcomes of each taught course, covering the knowledge that a student will be expected to have upon completion, and the skills that will have been developed through the learning process. They also illustrate the process that enables the learning intentions to be achieved, by describing the learning and teaching and assessment methods, how courses will be managed, and the way in which students will be supported throughout their learning.

Programme Specifications are designed for three main audiences.


Promote discussion and reflection among members of the teaching staff of the courses; they enable external examiners to understand the aims of the Programme in terms of assessment criteria; they act as reference points in the processes of internal and external audit of the quality of teaching provision.


Programme Specifications detail the skills and other transferable intellectual abilities fostered by the Programme.

Students and potential students

In their discussion of outcomes, teaching methods, progression and assessment, Programme Specifications assist students both to make choices designed to realise their own learning aspirations, and to reflect on the process of learning.

2019/20 Programme Specifications

Previous Specifications and changes to courses

These Programme Specifications relate to courses that will be running in 2019-20. Specifications from previous years are made available on request.

Courses do change over time. A change may have been introduced to a course that has not yet been included in the specification. Also, a planned change may not come into effect for some time. If a change has been or will be introduced, applicants will be made aware of this during the application process.


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