Some of our students develop their chosen sport to a particularly high level, some reaching national team status.

Marie Rowing

The Alastair Hunter Sports Bursary was established to support students with the costs associated with competing at an elite level. Funds have been given to students to enable travel to International competitions, allowing them to employ professional coaches, physios and cover the costs of specialist kit.

Marie Grant

Marie Grant took part in the Senior British Rowing Championships in 2015. She said: “The competition was tough and we didn’t make it into the ‘A’ final, but the opportunity to race against such high-calibre athletes gave me much-needed experience.”

Following success in other competitions, including British Universities Colleges and Sports trials, and the Head of the River, Marie began experiencing back pain. She said, “At first this was managed by a slightly altered training programme and regular physio but by early March it become too much to train with anymore.

I took a break from the Squad training programme to focus on trying to rehabilitate.”

She later learnt that she had a prolapsed disc at L5-S1 of the spine and was told that rehab could take between six and nine months.

An award from the Alastair Hunter Sports Bursary allowed Marie to have physiotherapy and chiropractor sessions to aid her recovery. She said, "Without this bursary I would have really struggled to get the help I needed to rehabilitate my back properly."

She added, “I hope to be back in action to compete in the 2016-17 Summer Regatta Season!”

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