Research is of fundamental importance to St George’s, University of London. We have a number of facilities to assist researchers and students.

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Our main research facilities

Our experts have access to a range of facilities and methods, from laboratory based examinations of virus samples to studies in the general population.

  • Our Image Resource Facility provides advanced bio-imaging technology.
  • Our Clinical Research Facility is a custom-built centre where we work in association with St George's University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to facilitate research programmes and clinical trials.
  • We also have a specialist Biological Research Facility where researchers study diseases and how to treat them. A small but important number of studies  done here involve animals.

Many of our facilities are also available to external organisations and collaborators. To find out more about this, visit our business webpages.

The Biological Research Facility (BRF)

The BRF explores ways to improve care for the most deadly diseases affecting health across the world, as well as how to tackle more commonplace conditions.

Research involving animals is carried out with the use of specialist facilities and expertise. All researchers working with animals must meet the highest ethical standards and adhere to strict legislation that safeguards animal welfare in the UK.

Read more about openness in animal research at St George's.

St George’s Clinical Research Facility

Run jointly with our partner St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust, the Clinical Research Facility is a custom-built centre. It provides physical facilities alongside nursing and administrative support to facilitate high-quality research programmes and clinical trials.

The facility is open for use by university and trust staff as well as students and other organisations.

Image Resource Facility (IRF)

Situated on site at St George’s, the Image Resource Facility provides advanced bio-imaging technology. The facility works with our researchers, St George’s NHS Healthcare Trust staff and other academic institutions. The IRF also provides hands-on training with expert scientific and technical support.

Find out more about the IRF's services

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