Jenner Day is a yearly celebration of Infection & Immunity research named after one of St George’s most famous alumni; the vaccinologist Edward Jenner.

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At each meeting investigators from the Institute for Infection and Immunity at St George’s, University of London, welcome friends and colleagues from across London, particularly from our major research partners (including St. George’s Hospital Trust and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine), other universities, Public Health England, the National Institute of Biological Standards & Controls, the Pirbirght Institute and the Animal and Plant Health Agency.

Presentations from researchers at St George’s and invited colleagues cover a range of topics in academic and clinical sciences. These presentations have featured work on major human bacterial, viral, parasitic and fungal pathogens and highlight the range of our research interests; from molecular biology to systems biology and from diagnostics to therapy.

A highpoint of each meeting is the keynote Jenner Lecture given by a distinguished speaker, whose work has had a major global health impact.


Previous Jenner lecturers


Professor Myron M Levine

University of Maryland School of Medicine



Professor Sir Mark Walport

The Wellcome Trust



Professor Philippe Sansonetti

College de France & Institute Pasteur



Professor Arturo Casadevall

Albert Einstein College of Medicine



Professor Tom Blundell

University of Cambridge



Professor Robin Weiss

University College London



Professor Antonio Lanzavecchia

ETH Zurich



Dr Marie-Paule Kieny

World Health Organization



Professor Sharon Peacock

Sanger Institute/LSHTM



Professor Dennis Burton

Salk Institute/Ragon Institute



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