Abdurahman Bareh, Medicine


Abdurahman Bareh, 24, graduated with a degree in Medicine.

“On my first day at St George's I felt quite intimidated, as it was based in the hospital, it all made it feel quite real. However, during my studies, I have found it extremely beneficial to be in a hospital environment. It's made me a lot more confident and comfortable in my clinical years compared to colleagues who went to a more traditional campus-based university. They found the change to a clinical setting a lot more daunting.

“I formed really tight-knit bonds with my peers as there's a small community feel at St George's. It helps that all of the courses at St George's are healthcare or science-related, so you can always strike up a conversation about common topics when you meet someone new.

“Graduating itself went by quickly and so has my time at University. Six years ago when I first applied for medical school I never really saw myself being here, so it honestly feels quite surreal. I'm going on to work in Wales and see myself specialising in anaesthetics eventually.”

Last Updated: Thursday, 25 July 2019 16:37