Nowshin Sultana, Biomedical Science BSc

Nowshin SultanaLg

Nowshin Sultana, 21, graduated from Biomedical Science BSc, and will continue her further education studies at St George's.

“Graduation is a unique experience and I have really enjoyed myself. I've got mixed emotions about graduating. I feel happy because when I look back over the last three years, as there have been some big achievements, but I also feel sad as a lot of my friends are moving on.

“I'm actually staying at St George's as I am transferring to study Medicine. I'm looking forward to starting a new adventure, even though I'm a little bit scared and excited at the same time. When you walk through the doors of the hospital building, you are reminded why you are here and why you are studying so hard. You pass new born babies, and doctors finishing a night shift on the way to your lectures. I've had some great networking opportunities and have got work experience more easily because the university is co-located with the hospital.

“When I first started at St George's, I had come through Clearing so I was in a bit of a confused point in my life. In first year, I started to settle in and became part of a few different societies including the Islamic Society. I feel so lucky as now I have so many friends who I love and who have really helped make my university experience.

“It's such a close knit community. You don't lose your identity here, it's so small, it's not like going to a bigger university where nobody knows your name.”

Last Updated: Thursday, 25 July 2019 14:37