Reyhan Pillai, Physiotherapy BSc

Reyhan PillaiLg

Reyhan Pillai, 30, graduated from Physiotherapy BSc. Here, he talks about what it was like to go back to university and how he thinks his new skills will help support his business ideas.

“I wasn't nervous about graduating as this isn't my first degree. When I was younger, I did a sports science degree in Brighton and became a personal trainer. I preferred helping people recover from injuries then working with clients on weight loss so I decided to apply for a Physiotherapy degree. I knew there would be a bit of sacrifice now but that in the long term, I would have more career options and job security.

“While I was studying in Tooting, I lived in northwest London and commuted in, listening to podcasts on the train. There's a good vibe being in London and what I really like about St George's is how diverse the people are here.

“If I am honest, when I started studying at St George's, I was looking to correct some faults from going to university first time round – study more and party less. I really wanted to do better in my results, which I did so I'm happy about that.

“Now that I've graduated I'm still going to continue my personal training business but mix the two and start by offering private physiotherapy sessions to my clients.”

Last Updated: Thursday, 25 July 2019 14:37