Biomedical Science MSci is a four year course covering the range of biological sciences that underpin medicine. Sharing a building with St George’s Hospital provides a unique medical environment teaching experience offered at relatively few institutions in the UK.

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 The three year BSc Biomedical Science course covers the range of biological sciences that underpin medicine, and emphasises the wide range of modern developments in medicine and the biomedical field more generally. The first two years of the MSci Biomedical Science are identical to the BSc Biomedical Science, sharing learning with medical and health science students at St George’s, and provides coverage of the fundamental aspects of cell and molecular biology, anatomy, physiology and pharmacology. 

In the third year, you will study a 15 credit Biomedical Research Techniques module, providing knowledge of current translational biomedical research techniques, and cellular physiology, in vitro and in vivo physiology, pharmacology, and drug development. You will also study two 15 credit research skills modules (Statistics, and Research Project Planning and Management) in preparation for the final year research project. You will also select 75 credits of taught modules, also offered to the BSc Biomedical Science students. The broad range of third year module study options allows you to focus on subjects that interest you and maximises your career choices.

Valued at 105 credits, the Research Project is an important part of your final year. It enables you to carry out and present a defined piece of research or data analysis, and is supervised by academic and research staff at the St George’s laboratories. This is an invaluable experience if you wish to continue with postgraduate research. In addition, you will study a third 15 credit research skills module (Research Methods).

Modules currently offered:

Year one

Clinical Science 1 & 2
Cellular and Molecular Biology 1 & 2
Biomedical Skills and Technologies 1 & 2

Year two

Clinical Science 3 & 4
Therapeutics and Investigation 1 & 2
Biomedical Skills and Technologies 3 & 4   

Year three

Biomedical Research Techniques (15 credits)
Statistics (15 credits)
Research Project Planning and Management (15 credits)
Taught modules (75 credits from the list below)

Modules (30 credits) Modules (15 credits)
Biology of Cancer Human Genetics
Science of Reproduction Genes and Gene Expression in Eukaryotic Cells
Images of Anatomy Behavioural Medicine
Clinical Neuroscience Cloning Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine
Immunity and Infection Clinical Aspects of Birth Defects
Development and Disease Clinical Aspects of Cancer Genetics
Emerging Technologies Genomics in Diagnostic Microbiology

Human Cardiovascular and Respiratory Pharmacology

Therapeutics: protein to patient Clinically Applied Musculoskeletal Anatomy
Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine Personalised Medicine
Human Genetics Novel Therapeutic Targets for Cardiovascular Disease
Immunity and Infection Pharmacology and Physiology of Drugs of Abuse
  Medical Ethics and Law

Year Four

Research Skills (15 credits)
Research Project (105 credits)

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