Study Biomedical Sciences at St George's and you have the option to apply for transition into the second year of our Medicine MBBS (Graduate Entry) course, or our International Graduate Medicine MBBS course, when you complete your BSc degree.

A medicine student in a ward, getting supplies

If you wish, ultimately, to pursue a medical career, St George’s is a good place to start. We offer two options to progress to medicine, on completion of your BSc.

Option 1: Home/EU students on BSc Biomedical Science who meet the requirements to transfer into the BSc Clinical Bioscience pathway are able to apply at the end of your second year as a new entrant to the second year (transition) of Medicine MBBS (Graduate Entry), and international students are able to apply and enter the second year of International Graduate Medicine MBBS. Offers to interview will be presented to eligible applicants who satisfy the academic criteria for the Clinical Bioscience pathway with predicted first class or 2.1 degree honours. Students are required to graduate from BSc Clinical Bioscience before they transition to the Medicine MBBS (graduate entry) course. The number of places available is reviewed each year.

Option 2: Home/EU Biomedical Science or Clinical Bioscience graduates, after completion of their degree, or graduates in any discipline can apply to study Medicine MBBS (Graduate Entry) at St George's or elsewhere in order to pursue a medical career. International Biomedical Science or Clinical Bioscience graduates can apply to study International Graduate Medicine MBBS at St George's or to another graduate entry medicine degree elsewhere.



Application forms are made available at the end of the second year of study, as eligible applicants will be invited to interview after the publication of second year exams results. We use Multi Mini Interviews (MMIs) to assess candidates for all medical degrees and these usually take place each July.


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